Monday, October 13, 2008

The Sewing Disease Kicks In

I thought that only beading was a disease. But being the bipolar gal that I am, now I like to sew. I have a huge fabric stash because like beads, I can't help myself when I see interesting fabrics which I am saving for when I get good at it. Right now, I'm not that good at it and I intend to make art quilts because I have so many vintage scraps in my stockpile, but for now I am practicing with less wonderful fabric and making useful items now that my money went down the tubes thanks to the Republicans.

On Thursday evening before I went to the tiki bar for happy hour, I took a class at my local Joann's to learn how to make this table topper. It was supposed to be 2 colors, but I kept screwing up and since they didn't have more of the fabric squares I was using, I had to pick different ones to complete it. I should have taken a picture of the back of it, which is quite lovely and makes this reversible.

Gosh, with all the scraps I have from my sewing disasters and successes, I tried my hand at some crazy quilting over the weekend because crazy is right up my alley. I never officially learned how to do it, so I made it up. That was probably the original point of crazy quilting. I used a pattern I found online at BH&G for the 2 smaller bags and made up my own for the larger bag.

Since I love making jewelry, I intend to try my hand at some fabric cuff bracelets that use beads and other kookie findings I have kicking around my mess I call a studio. Stay tuned.

When I find just the right fabric, I want to make this purse.