Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Polymer Clay Pendant

What possessed me to make a whole lot of little polymer clay pendants with bronze powder escapes me. I was experimenting. They look good strung up on antique brass or copper chain though. I have dozens of these.

My sewing machine broke so I brought it to an authorized Brother sewing machine repair place. The guy told me that I had a cheapo machine (I know, that's why I bought it) and he almost sold me another one but they cost over $1000 these days and I lost a bundle in the stock market and don't feel like pissing away that kind of money. So I told him to fix mine. I brought it home yesterday and it sews like a dream. I made an apron and a pocket book. There's a quilt I have to finish for a baby but that's what broke my machine in the first place. I think the machine is too delicate to handle quilting. Tomorrow night is another sewing class where we are learning to make Dresden Plate quilted table toppers. I'll take pictures.