Saturday, January 15, 2011

What in the world

I was inspired by something i saw at Dollar Store Crafts blog and headed to the thrift store. I bought a silver plated saucer and promptly filed the handles off it. Found a green glass thingy which looks like it used to be the top of something and picked up a pilsner glass. The bottom of a silver plated drink coaster has some nice green leather on it and I like that battery operated push light thingy too. At the moment, I'm playing around with a finish for the outside of the silver saucer. I spray painted the inside black and copper leafed the outside but not loving it. I copper leafed the inside of the glass saucer thing and liking that. So far, I've spent a couple of bucks.

My son and I are in crafty mode. Wait till you see what we did with a uke we bought at the thrift store.

This is my dining room table. We're eating in the kitchen for the time being...

Can you guess what this stuff is going to be?