Friday, November 14, 2008

Vintage brooch from old jewelry

This artist wants to clear off the dining room table and turn the house back into a house, but I still have sewing to finish and pillow covers to make. sigh. The holidays are coming and I would like to be able to invite people over without being embarrassed about the mess in the dining room that has spread to the kitchen and the living room.

Looking forward to getting back into jewelry making and diving into my box of vintage jewelry, watch parts, old charms and findings. (I already have a work area away from the living areas of the house.) Tomorrow I'm taking a little metal smithing class at my local bead store for fun and inspiration. God knows I already have all the supplies here at home... but I like the social aspect of a class and to learn from someone else.

I made this brooch from a bunch of old earrings I picked up at tag sales or inherited. There are a few other doo dads in there that I bought. I think it's kind of fun.