Saturday, November 8, 2008

On the sewing table: inherited

Bored with the colors of old and new lace, I got out my fabric paints and attempted to change all that.

I inherited a bunch of neat handmade lace from my friend's mom. It's just beautiful and of course, I am dying it when I feel the need.

I inherited my mom's ginormous button tin and there are quite a few adorable buttons for embellishments that I've separated from the rest. I am particularly tickled by anything with rhinestones in it.

My aunt was a dressmaker and made bridal gowns. I was lucky enough to inherit some antique lace and trims from her. The crazy thing about that particular inheritance is that some price tags are still on her sewing supplies and she paid like 19 cents for many beautiful yards of lace. It's quite fragile now though.

When I was going through my mom's sewing basket I was also amazed at how inexpensive notions were 40-50 years ago. Can you imagine spending 10 cents for dozens of snaps? Or 12 cents for a dozen needles? I am using the stuff now. It's pretty cool to dig through what's left of other women's lives of sewing and mending.

I suppose that one day, someone will have my enormous stash. God help them.